Computer Laboratory :

Well equipped computer lab with LAN internet facility. Entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, facilitating students to access internet 24X7.

Nursing foundations Laboratory:

The core activities of clinical experience is how the students understand, comprehend and correlate the theoretical knowledge with practice and develop various skills based on scientific principles in performing these activities.
Nursing Foundations laboratory is created and students are given the practice of carrying out the practical procedures under simulation technique on medical manikins before students are exposed to patients in the hospitals.

OBG and Paediatric Laboratory:

The laboratory for procedure and demonstration of Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing is raised on the basis of –‘Practice makes a man perfect’. This perfection is needed in the actual patient care set-up to foster safe motherhood.

Centre for Health Skill:

The Symbiosis Centre for Health Skills is a multidisciplinary educational facility which strives to provide high-tech simulated and virtually created healthcare set-up for teaching, training and assessment for all healthcare professionals in clinical and related management skills.

Anatomy Museum

The explosion in knowledge of diseases and the technological advances associated with diagnosis and treatment in the past has necessitated a medical museum for nursing curriculum. A place where students learn by seeing and by doing. Enrichment of knowledge is maximum in the anatomy museum where the specimens, product, models, microscope, reagents, charts and three dimensional equipments are kept.