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Dr. Shardha Ramesh ( Director Symbiosis College of Nursing) Introduction to Nursing, History of Nursing, Nursing as a profession and Ethics in Nursing
Col. K K Astha ( Senior advisor Medicine, Military Hospital, Khadki, Pune) Physical examination and Nosocomial infection  
Lt. Col. P Gupta ( M D Medicine, MH Khadki, Pune) Medico legal issue in death and Autopsy
Lt. Col. Rahul Soni (Internal Medicine), MH, Kirkee, PGDHHC (Neurology). Introduction to clinical pharmacology
Lt. Col. Shobha Naidu ( Dy. Director, Symbiosis International University) Modern approaches of Nursing care and Holistic Nursing care and Reproductive care and care of catheterization.
Maj. Kirti Sethi ( Nursing officer MH Kirkee) Nursing Process, Patient safety and Medication errors
Neha Sethi ( Lecturer Ryat and Bahara University, Mohali) Physical Assessment of client.
Dr. Sheela Upendra (Assoc. Prof. Symbiosis International University) Dept. of Psychiatric. Biomedical Waste Management
Mrs.Kalpana Sawane ( Asst. Prof, Symbiosis International University) Medical surgical asepsis and isolation techniques
Mrs. Shital Barde (Asst. Prof. Symbiosis College of Nursing). Nursing care of dying and Euthanasia  
Mr. Bharat Pareek (Vice- Principal) Saraswati Nursing Institute, Kurali, Punjab. PhD Scholar, INC Psychological and spiritual needs of patient
Neha Bharti , Tutor ( SMVD College of Nursing, Jammu and Kashmir) Hand washing technique and basic hygienic procedures
Rohini Kumari T Chaudhari Personal Protective equipments (PPE) and hot and cold application.
Sejalunvarba K Darbar Drug calculations and dosage and Nurses role during drug administration.