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Student Research Projects: M.Sc. Nursing 2019-21 BATCH

Sr. no PRN NO Name of the student Problem Statement Name of the Guide
1 19040242001 Ms. Anjali Ashok Ambulkar Stress level among Nurses during COVID-19 Pandemic.” Dr. Sonopant Joshi
2 19040242002 Ms. Pradnya Bhore Effectiveness of Online Information Module regarding Swallowing Exercises for stroke patients on knowledge among the Nurses Mr. Deepak Sethi, Mrs. Tejashri Ligade
3 19040242003 Ms.Rajshree Chhetri A study to assess the knowledge and perception regarding covid19 among the adults in pune city. Dr. Sharadha Ramesh, Mrs.tejashri Ligade
4 19040242004 Ms.Sampada Tanaji Dhayagude A study to assess knowledge regarding rational emotive behavior therapy amongs the nursing students from selected nursing colleges from selected nursing colleges of pune city in view to develop rational emotive behavior therapy information booklet. ,Dr. Sheela Upendra, Mrs. Sheetal Barde
5 19040242005 Ms.Naveena Edulla Effectiveness of post stroke rehabilitation therapy online information module on knowledge among staff nurses Mr. Deepak Sethi, Mrs. Dipali Dumbre
6 19040242006 Ms.Nikita Gaikwad "A study to assess the knowledge on Mindfulness meditation among elderly people residing at selected geriatric home of Pune city with a view to develop a video on mindfulness meditation." Dr. Sheela Upendra, Mrs. Sheetal Barde
7 19040242007 Mrs. Josna Nikhil Shinde A study to assess the knowledge about the preparedness of medical emergency among staff nurses working in selected hospital of Maharashtra Dr. Sonopant Joshi, Mrs. Dipali Dumbre
8 19040242008 Ms.Shubhangi Mundhe A study to assess the effectiveness of information booklet on knowledge and attitude regarding human breast milk banking among postnatal mothers Dr Seeta Devi
9 19040242009 Ms.Paru Hajur Basnyat in intensive care unit. A study to assess the effective of online module on knowledge of relaxation techniques used in bronchial asthma among staff nurses in selected hospital. Mrs. Dipali Dumre, Mr. Deepak sethi
10 19040242010 Ms.Shubhashree Dhir “A study to assess the knowledge, barrier and challenges faced by the young adult students regarding online learning process, to develop an informative booklet as a selection of pedagogy tool for future” Dr. Sharadha Ramesh, Mrs. Jasneet Kaur