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Student Research Projects: M.Sc. Nursing 2015-17 BATCH

Sr. no PRN Name of the student Research Statement Guide
1 15040242003 Fernandes Sandra John Application of Peplau's Theory of Interpersonal Relationship in promoting participation in self-care management among patients with Diabetes Mellitus hospitalized in the medical wards of a tertiary care centre at Pune. Lt Col Shobha Naidu (Retd)
2 15040242005 Nisha Elizabeth Philip The perception of antenatal mothers regarding umbilical cord stem cell banking in antenatal OPDs in selected hospitals in Pune with a view to develop an information booklet. Ms Seetadevi
3 15040242006 Philapam Shimaray “A comparative analysis of an opinion on low versus high fidelity simulation of the selected clinical skills among nursing cadres in selected nursing colleges of Pune city” Dr Sheela Upendra
4 15040242007 Prema Labde Effectiveness of communication strategy to enhance the competency among grass roots health workers In selected rural of Pune city. Col (Dr) Jayalakshmi N (Retd)
5 15040242008 Kanchan Asane A study to assess the effectiveness of patra roll on haemoglobin level among women in selected urban area of Pune city Dr Joshi SG
6 15040242011 Kaguiphullu Sylvia Gangmei A study to assess the effectiveness of pranic healing therapy on back ache among adults at pranic healing center in Pune city.          Dr Sheela Upendra