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Student Research Projects: M.Sc. Nursing 2017-19 BATCH

Sr. no PRN Name of the student Problem Statement Guide
1 17040242001 Ms. Poonam Yadav Effectiveness of Valsalva bearing down technique versus spontaneous bearing down technique during second stage of labour on maternal and neonatal outcome among prim gravida women. Ms. Sheetal Waghmare
2 17040242006 Mr. Sunil Patidar The effect of coma arousal technique on selected sensory perception among patient with traumatic brain injury in selected hospital. Dr. Sharadha Ramesh
3 17040242004 Ms. Anushree Mandal Effectiveness of reality orientation therapy on cognitive level of patient with dementia. Dr. Sheela Upendra
4 17040242010 Ms. Augustina Massey Effect of psychodrama on the level of depression among geriatric population residing selected old age home in pune city Mrs. Sheetal Barde
5 17040242011 Ms. Swati Soloman Effectiveness of counselling an knowledge acceptance and choice for postpartum intrauterine contraceptive devile among primi mothers Dr. Seeta Devi
6 17040242012 Ms. Sofiya Khan Effectiveness of health intervention on birth preparedness on knowledge and outcome of pregnancy among primi antenatal mother in selected Hospital of Pune. Dr. Seeta Devi
7 17040242009 Ms. Pratima Torne Effect of training programme on knowledge attitude and practice of use of partograph among staff nurses working in labour room of selected hospital in pune city Dr. Seeta Devi
8 17040242007 Mr. Nitin Patidar Effectiveness of training module on mass casualty management plan on knowledge and perception of staff nurses of emergency department in selected hospital of pune Dr. S.G.Joshi
9 15040242011 Ms. Kaguiphullu Sylvia Gangmei Effectiveness of pronic healing therapy on back ache among adults at pranic Healing center in pune city Dr. Sheela Upendra
10 17040242013 Mrs. Chaya L. Misal Effectiveness of mindfulness life intervention on depression among elderly persons in a selected old age home of Pune City Dr. Sheela Upendra
11 17040242002 Ms. Lincy Babu Effectiveness of warm saline Gargles on sore throat among patients after endotracheal tube extubation in selected hospital Mr. Deepak Sethi